Therapeutic Lighting

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Therapeutic Lighting

There’s nothing in the world like the iconic LAVA® lamp when it comes to lighting up a room. The unique combination of light and motion created by the famous LAVA® lamp has been a favorite for putting any room in a good mood for generations. That’s why the LAVA® lamp also can serve as a great therapeutic light. The flowing lava liquid inside the lamp does more than create a central conversation piece in your room — it can serve as an effective relaxation lamp that creates good vibes wherever you are. Whether you have someone in your family who has special needs and could use the gentle stimulation of the LAVA® lamp, or you’re just looking for a fun and effective way to create a calming environment in your living room or bedroom, the LAVA® lamp can help you relax with light and motion.

Creating A Peaceful Feeling With LAVA® Lamps

The secret to the LAVA® lamp’s iconic blend of light and motion is the unique formulation of liquid and wax that fills its globe. A bulb inside the base provides the soft, soothing light that’s altered by the colored glass globe. As the wax at the bottom of the globe heats up, it becomes temporarily lighter than the fluid surrounding it, causing it to float to the top of the globe in blobs that change shape and join together. As the wax reaches the top of the globe, it cools, causing it to become heavier than the fluid, once again. The wax then sinks back toward the light bulb so the process can start all over again. The effect is one that’s hypnotic and relaxing to watch as the blobs of colored wax rise and fall in a mesmerizing ballet of fluidity and weightlessness.

Having a LAVA® lamp as the focal point of your room can be a great way to set a relaxing mood anywhere. The fast-paced world of today throws a lot of stimuli at us all the time, from all angles. The gentle, calming light, color and motion of the LAVA® lamp can help you cut through the chaos of your day and find a place where time seems to stand still.

How LAVA® Lamps Can Help Kids Calm Down

LAVA® lamps also can be great for kids, especially those who have sensory issues such as autism. For kids with sensory issues, the soothing effect of a LAVA® lamp with its liquid flow can help them focus while doing homework or calm down before bedtime.

Give Your Room a Good Vibe With Lava

Any one of the classic LAVA® lamps can do more than serve as an interesting tool to light up a room. With its unique and iconic motion, the LAVA® lamp also can be a great way to affect the mood of a room as well as your own mood. Take a look at what we have to offer and find the LAVA® lamp that will help you and your loved ones find the best vibe to relax.