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    Gold glitter with Clear Liquid Motion Lamp
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    Silver glitter / clear liquid / gold base & cap


  • 3116

    Silver Glitter with Teal Liquid Motion Lamp
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    Silver glitter / teal liquid / silver base & cap


  • 3118

    White Wax with Green Liquid Motion Lamp
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    White wax / green liquid / bronze base & cap


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    40 Watt Light Bulb – 2 Pack
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    This bulb works in the Bright Source™ LAVA® lamp portion of the lamp.

An innovative lighting concept combining the iconic Lava motion and a stylish table lamp. Bright Source™ is a line of lamps with beautiful finishes and elegant design touches, which will add an exciting conversation piece to your home. Rich textures, pops of color and mesmerizing motion create an eye-catching lamp for any room.

Bright Source™ lamps provide two lighting experiences in one lamp! The Lava® lamp emits a relaxing, soothing soft light, while the table lamp gives off a bright light perfect for reading, working and more. The lamps come in 4 on-trend color combinations and are the perfect size for family rooms, dens and bedrooms. We also offer a white shade to be purchased to go with the Bright Source™ lamps.

Whether you’re relaxing or hosting a party, a Bright Source™ lamp will add a stylish accent piece to any space.