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  • 1982

    11.5" Rainbow LAVA® Lamp
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    14.5″ Volcano LAVA® Lamp
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  • 2160

    14.5″ Northern Lights Glitter Lamp
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    14.5" Hand Painted Rainbow LAVA® Lamp
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These lamps really take color to the max! Bright decals on the bases/caps along with hand-painted multi-color globes give these LAVA® lamps a color explosion! ColormaxTM technology makes the white wax appear to change color as it flows up and down the hand-painted, multi-colored glass globes.

ColormaxTM LAVA® lamps enhance the visually stunning effects of a relaxing LAVA® lamp by adding amazing graphics to the base/cap and hand painting on the globe. Experience a wonder of the world with the Northern Lights LAVA® lamp or the majestic beauty of a volcano without the dangers of molten lava with the Volcano LAVA® lamp. These lamps are a colorful take on the iconic LAVA® lamps.