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  • 4160

    17" Black and white dot LAVA® lamp
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    White wax / clear liquid / tri-colored glass globe / black and white base & cap

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    17" Purple LAVA® Lamp
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    Purple wax / blue liquid / purple base & cap

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    17” LAVA Insiders™ Colormax™ lamp
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    Insiders Program Exclusive!
    White wax / clear Liquid / hand-painted globe / black light reactive psychedelic LAVA® lamp decal base & cap

  • 9999

    Custom CoolTM 17″ LAVA® Lamp
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    Create a totally unique LAVA® lamp that you can get ONLY ON OUR WEBSITE!


Set the mood with these beautiful LAVA® lamps that add the perfect finishing touch to any room. Add some sparkle to your room with the Rainbow Glitter Lava® lamp. The hand-painted Rainbow LAVA® lamp brings a splash of color to any space. You can also design your own special 17″ Custom Cool LAVA® lamp by picking the base/cap and globe to make it just the way to you like it! You can’t go wrong with more to love in any of these timeless 17” lamps.