More LAVA® Products

The classic LAVA® lamp brings fun to any space, but that’s not all you can find at We offer many other ways to light up a room or bring an element of excitement to an event. Whether you’re looking for a unique way to decorate your room with novelty lamps or bring life to your next party, you can find it here, along with the iconic LAVA® lamps that have brought joy to millions over the years.

Different Ways to Illuminate Your Space

LAVA® party lights bring the right mood to any gathering, whether you’re throwing a high-energy dance party or having some friends over to chill. We offer a variety of lighting effects that can help create the type of mood you need, including our 360-degree rotating disco ball that bathes the room in multicolored lights. Our LAVA® strobe lights can create a nightclub atmosphere in any room with flash. Our black light products cast an eerie glow suitable for a Halloween party or just creating a unique vibe in your bedroom. Whether you want to boost the energy level in the room or bring it down, LAVA® party lighting can create the atmosphere you need, no matter what the situation.

The classic LAVA® lamp is a great fit for virtually any décor, and we offer other types of products inspired by the iconic design of the LAVA® lamp to bring the fun to all kinds of situations. For example, our night light products resemble miniature versions of the classic LAVA® lamp. They bring just the right amount of light to hallways, bathrooms, children’s rooms or anywhere else that could use a little touch of LAVA® lamp fun.

Blending Practicality and Fun

If your space needs traditional lighting but you want to add that special LAVA® lamp touch, our Bright SourceTM line of stylish table lamps combine the iconic LAVA® lamp with a traditional light source. Bright SourceTM gives the right amount of light for reading, working and more; while also providing the soothing, mesmerizing motion of the LAVA® lamp in different color combinations to fit the look of virtually any room. With its unique combination of practicality and fun, Bright SourceTM is sure to be the focal point of any room.

Here you’ll also find the perfect LAVA® lamp bulbs to keep your LAVA® lamp products glowing all the time, no matter which ones you have in your home or office. There’s more than one way to bring the fun and excitement of LAVA® products to your space or event — and you can find them all right here, at