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  • 2131

    14.5″ Rainbow Glitter Lamp
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    Rainbow glitter / clear liquid / gold base & cap

  • 2136

    14.5″ Tri-Colored Glitter LAVA® Lamp
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    Tri-colored globe in purple, green & pink / silver glitter / clear liquid / silver base & cap

  • 2137

    14.5″ Pink Glittermax Lamp
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    Silver glitter / pink liquid / pink glitter paint base & cap

  • 2139

    14.5" Metallic Glitter Lamp
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    Rainbow Glitter / Metallic Gold

  • 2186

    14.5″ Glitter Chalkboard Lamp
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    Silver glitter/ pink liquid / chalkboard finish on base & cap

  • 2211

    14.5″ Star Vortex Lamp
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    Swirling star glitter fun!

  • 2600 - New!

    14.5” Galaxy Glitter Lamp
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    Silver star glitter / clear liquid / tri-colored globe / galaxy decal base & cap


Add some sparkle to your life! We have taken the soft relaxing light of a LAVA® lamp and jazzed it up. These lamps have instant start up action so you can get your lavaon faster. This vibrant collection of glitter lamps adds a fun, bright touch to a room in mere minutes.

Our glitter lamps come in many options, from a little shine to a glitter explosion with the Glittermax™ lamps. Plug in your glitter LAVA® lamp and instantly see the reflecting glitter create a light show, with shiny glitter light swirling and bouncing off the globe. The glitter lamps add a whole new lighting dimension to the iconic LAVA® lamp experience.