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    Custom Cool 27" LAVA® Lamp
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    Custom CoolTM 17″ LAVA® Lamp
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There’s nothing like a LAVA® lamp to introduce a little fun and character into your space. Now, it’s possible for you to return the favor. The ability to create your very own custom LAVA® lamp allows you to have a LAVA® lamp that reflects your unique personality — fitting virtually any décor or style. When you create customized LAVA® lamps through this website-exclusive customization option, you get the same one-of-a-kind experience that you can only get with a LAVA® lamp, but with a look that matches you and your style perfectly.

How to Create Your Custom LAVA® Lamp

Creating custom LAVA® lamps you can’t find in any store begins with choosing a base and cap from our array of colorful and exciting options. Whether you go with a classic silver or black base and cap, or get colorful with our rainbow hand painted or go with a DIY feel with the chalkboard paint base and cap, you’re sure to find the perfect starting point for creating a unique addition to any environment.

Of course, the key to the LAVA® lamp experience is the trademark motion and spectacle created by our world-famous lava liquid. The soothing, hypnotic sight of the LAVA® lamp’s slowly flowing wax or glitter has made it a popular accessory in living rooms, dorm rooms, offices and elsewhere for generations. When you design and create a custom LAVA® lamp on our website, you can decide on a wax or glitter combination that suits your mood. Choose from a selection of fantastic wax and globe color combinations to set the tone in whatever room your custom LAVA® lamp will go. Whether you want something bright and cheery or cool and calm, we have a combination that will work for you.

Purchase Your Custom Creation Today Online

The LAVA® lamp has always been the perfect complement to any room, filling it with energy and emitting a relaxing vibe at the same time. Now, you finally have the opportunity to create your own custom LAVA® lamp experience and design a one-of-a-kind lamp that you can’t get in any store, only on our website. Check out all the ways you can bring your LAVA® lamp creation to life and inject some of your personality into one of the most iconic accessories of all time.