College Dorm Room Lighting

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Going away to college is an opportunity for young people to strike out on their own and make a statement about who they are. Decorating their dorm rooms is one of the most common ways students can express this newfound independence. It’s no wonder that multiple generations of young college students have chosen the iconic LAVA® lamp to serve as an expression of their personalities and bring a unique vibe to their dorm rooms. With its unique blend of soothing motion and cheerful color, LAVA® lamps continue to be the perfect choice to liven up a dorm room and create a surefire conversation starter to help students gain friendships that could last a lifetime.

LAVA® Lamps: Your Dorm Room Essential

LAVA® lamps are a great choice for dorm room lighting because they can fit the room’s mood wonderfully — no matter what the mood is. The iconic motion of the wax, through its colored liquid, helps create a relaxing vibe when students need to keep their minds focused on their studies, or recharge after a long day in the library or laboratory. By providing a calming, mesmerizing focal point for a dorm room’s décor, it’s not surprising that LAVA® lamps have been dorm room essentials for years. A college student’s life can be stressful, and that’s why it helps to have a LAVA® lamp to provide an oasis in the dorm room.

The fun, funky ambiance created by LAVA® lamps also makes them the perfect dorm room lamps because they infuse the room with a laid-back atmosphere. Dorm rooms that feature LAVA® lamps become the place to hang out for college students. What’s more, they’re the only type of college dorm lights that also serve as a conversation starter and an expression of a student’s personality. With so many variations of colors and styles from which to choose, students can find the exact type of LAVA® lamp for their dorm room that fits their personal look and style.

Find Your Ideal Dorm Room Lamp

College students looking for dorm room ideas don’t have to look far when it comes to finding the best dorm lights to give their new personal spaces a boost. For generations, the classic LAVA® lamp has been the go-to choice for bringing fun and excitement to any type of room. With so many options available, college students know that there’s a LAVA® lamp that will suit their dorm rooms perfectly, no matter what kind of atmosphere they want to create.

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