25W Bulb Specifications Rating G

Supplier’s name or trade mark: Schylling Inc
Supplier’s address: 21 High Street, Suite 400, North Andover, MA 01845
Model identifier: 5026 BULB, 2000 SERIES AND 4000 SERIES LAVA LAMPS
Type of light source: Incandescent light
Lighting technology used: [other] Non-directional or directional: [NDLS]
Light source cap-type (or other electric interface) [E14]
Mains or non-mains: [MLS] Connected light source (CLS): [no]
Colour-tuneable light source: [no] Envelope: [no]
High luminance light source: [no]
Anti-glare shield: [no] Dimmable: [no]
Product parameters
Parameter Value Parameter Value
General product parameters
Energy consumption in on-mode (kWh/1,000 h) rounded up to the nearest integer 25W Energy efficiency class [G]
Useful luminous flux (Φuse), indicating if it refers to the flux in a sphere (360°), in a wide cone (120°) or in a narrow cone (90°) 128 LM [360 degrees] Correlated colour temperature, rounded to the nearest 100K, or the range of correlated colour temperatures, rounded to the nearest 100K, that can be set [2450K]
On-mode power (Pon), expressed in W 25W Standby power (Psb), expressed in W and rounded to the second decimal point NA
Networked standby power (Pnet) for CLS, expressed in W and rounded to the second decimal point NA Colour rendering index, rounded to the nearest integer, or the range of CRI-values that can be set [98]
Outer dimensions without separate control gear, lighting control parts and non-lighting control parts, if any (millimetre) Height 60 Spectral power distribution in the range 250 nm to 800 nm, at full-load See Below
Diameter 42
Claim of equivalent power (see paragraph [2(1) and (2)]) [NO] If yes, equivalent power (W) N/A
Chromaticity coordinates (x and y) x.0.4800


Parameters for directional light sources:
Peak luminous intensity (cd) N/A Beam angle in degrees, or the range of beam angles that can be set N/A
Parameters for LED and OLED light sources:
R9 colour rendering index value N/A Survival factor N/A
The lumen maintenance factor N/A
Parameters for LED and OLED mains light sources:
Displacement factor (cos φ1) N/A Colour consistency in McAdam ellipses N/A
Claims that an LED light source replaces a fluorescent light source without integrated ballast of a particular wattage (see paragraph [2(3)]. N/A If yes then replacement claim (W) N/A
Flicker metric (Pst LM) N/A Stroboscopic effect metric (SVM) N/A


Note: At the end of its life this light source should be taken to the nearest household waste recycling or civic amenity centre.  Do not dispose in your household waste.