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  • 7101

    10″ Mini Vortex Lamp
    Buy $15.99

    Color phasing, motorized, swirling glitter action

  • 7103

    10″ Mini Volcano Lamp
    Buy $15.99

    100 “lava” globules erupt from a volcano

  • 8702

    Butterfly String Lights
    Buy Sale! $10.99 $9.99
  • 8713

    Flip Flop String Lights
    Buy Sale! $10.99 $9.99
  • 8715

    Popsicle String Lights
    Buy Sale! $10.99 $9.99
  • 9005

    10″ Blue Twinkle Lamp
    Buy Sale! $12.99 $4.99

    Twinkling white LEDs

  • 9006

    10″ Pink Twinkle Lamp
    Buy Sale! $12.99 $4.99

    Twinkling white LEDs

  • 9202

    Blue Pull Light
    Buy Sale! $10.99 $4.99

    Color phasing LED light (7 colors)

Novelty Lighting

Every space could use the fun and excitement of a LAVA® lamp, but not every space has an electrical outlet handy. That’s no problem, thanks to our assortment of fun, portable and battery-powered LAVA® novelty lighting. These quirky conversation-starters are scaled-down in size but bring the same big-time fun as a traditional LAVA® lamp to any kind of space — no matter where it is. Because these novelty lamps are battery-powered, there’s no limit to where you can put them.

Illuminating Imaginations

LAVA® novelty lamps bring life to any room instantly. For example, our 10” pink twinkle lamp can add the perfect touch of magic for a little princess bedroom, or the 10” blue sparkle lamp can help inspire young astronauts dreaming of adventures in outer space.

Novelty Lighting creates Perfect Party Props

You can become the life of the party by bringing some LAVA® novelty lamps. Just set them up around the room to create focal points for conversations to get started, or display them in front of the dance floor or DJ booth to provide the perfect complement to the tunes. They’re portable, so it’s easy to set them up or take them with you if the party happens to move somewhere else on a whim. You won’t have to leave the ambiance behind, thanks to these exciting novelty lamps.

College Lighting with LAVA® Lamps

LAVA® lamps have always been a big hit with students, and our battery-operated novelty lights make a great addition to dorm rooms where electrical outlets are at a premium. You can take the edge off a long day’s studies and relax with the soothing shimmer of our 10” mini vortex lamp or the gentle eruption of tiny globules from our 10” mini volcano lamp. These lights’ small size and battery power even let you set them up in a locker or anywhere else you could use a quick burst of color and joy. The portability of Lava® novelty lights also means they can be the perfect accompaniment for your next road trip or camping excursion. Just because you’re nowhere near an outlet doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little good mood with you.

It’s easy to add some excitement and ambiance to any room, with any or all of these fun novelty lamps from Find your favorites below and liven up your space.

Lava Mini Battery Instructions