The chrome-like finish on the hand-spun base and cap give a touch of sophistication to any room! These shiny Lava® lamps will bring a pop of color to any décor. Metallic Lava® lamps come in 5 bright, reflective base/cap colors – blue, gold, green, purple and silver – with globes and liquids that add even more color to complete each unique look. Enjoy the mesmerizing metallic shine of this gleaming version of the timeless Lava® lamp.

  • 2155

    14.5″ Silver metallic Lava® lamp
    Buy $20.99

    Blue wax /pink liquid / silver metallic base & cap

  • 2157_1500x2000


    14.5″ Green metallic Lava® lamp
    Buy $20.99

    Yellow wax / blue liquid / green metallic base & cap

  • 2158_1500x2000


    14.5″ Purple metallic Lava® lamp
    Buy $20.99

    Yellow wax / purple liquid / purple metallic base & cap