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    14.5″ Glitter chalkboard Lava® lamp
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    Silver glitter/ pink liquid / chalkboard finish on base & cap

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    14.5″ Chalkboard Lava® lamp
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    White wax / green liquid / chalkboard finish on base & cap

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    14.5" Scratch Off Lava® lamp
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    14.5″ Halloween sounds Lava® lamp
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    Yellow wax / purple liquid / spider web frosted globe pattern / black base & cap

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    14.5” Graffiti Lava® lamp
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    17” Lava Insiders™ Colormax™ lamp
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    White wax, Clear Liquid, hand painted globe, psychedelic Lava® lamp decal base & cap

Cool Effect Lamps

We have added special painting techniques and features into these unique Lava® lamps. We are continually coming up with innovative ideas to keep our Lava® lamps fresh and fun for generations to come!

The Chalkboard lamps allow for customization of the bases and cap, which can be changed constantly to set the mood, to leave a message or display your artistic talents. You can also choose from instant start up action of the pink glitter or the more traditional green lava with white wax to fit your personality. Another dimension of the cool effects lamps is sound! The Halloween Lava® lamp is the first Lava® lamp that incorporates sound into its design. This Lava® lamp comes with a 3-D spider that gives off a witch cackle whenever anyone gets too close. The Halloween Lava® lamp also features a hand etched spider web on the globe. The cool color combination and smooth lava flow are great for any time of year, but it is especially fun and spooky for the Halloween season. These cool effect lamps are a new and creative take on the classic Lava® lamps.