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How to Help the Planet with Your Lava® Lamp

Since it is Earth Day this Saturday, April 22, we want to share some ideas about things to do with your Lava® lamp to help the environment.

  • Reuse your Lava® lamp box and packing materials.
  • Recycle your Lava® lamp box and packing materials if you have no other use for them.
  • Stop using plastic grocery bags – get reusable shopping bags like our new Lava® lamp tote.
  • Turn off your Lava® lamps when you’re not in the room. It saves electricity and helps your lamp, too; leaving the lamps on for too long can make the wax too hot.
  • Use a timer – plug your Lava® lamp into a timer and set it to run for up to 8 hours. This is the ideal running time for the Lava® lamp and saves energy.
  • Plug your Lava® lamp into a power strip, which can be easier to reach and turn off.
  • Unplug your Lava® lamp when not in use, if plugged directly into the wall. Standby power can account for 10% of an average household’s annual electricity use. Unplug all of your unused electronics and save up to $50 a year.
  • Use battery-powered Lava® products instead of plug-ins for some activities. Don’t forget to properly dispose of the old batteries.

And of course, be sure to get outside and enjoy some fresh air on Earth Day!